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Eat Cleaner Website Review & Ratings + Eat Cleaner Coupons

Eat Cleaner: Products & Services

Eat Cleaner is lab proven to remove harmful wax, residue and contaminants that  water cannot to help your body get the most benefit out of healthy foods. Made with FDA approved Eat Cleaner remove soils, pesticide residue and contaminants that can carry bacteria from fresh produce poultry and seafood as well as in fruits and vegetables. This site was a Winner of the Disney iParenting Award (2010) and wbt-Innovation Market Place Gold PrIze Winner (2011) too.

At Eat Cleaner you can shop by category such as:

Eat Cleaner: Company Background

"According to a report issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council, adults in the United States face a significant cancer risk because of the pesticide residues in the vegetables and fruits they ate during childhood. The council put the risk at about 240 times higher than the one-in-a-million risk considered acceptable by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The council in its study combined the individual risks associated with 23 pesticides, 8 of them known to be carcinogenic, that are used in foods, mostly fruits. Although these pesticides are not widely used, 58 of them can also cause cancer. Furthermore, the group reveal that the risk is acquired primarily during childhood because children eat six times more fruits than adults, relative to their body weight."  Archive Article, Microsoft Encarta Premium, 2009.

Dr. Ibrahim, a writer, a professor for over 30 years after receiving contaminated seafood at his local grocery store began challenging government agencies to strengthen food safety procedures. About 2&1/2 years ago, he was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer. Thanks to early detection and a diet filled with clean vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Eat Cleaner was a natural way for them to help others that care about their families. Their mission us to set the record straight on what on your plates, it goes beyond a product, a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Eat Cleaner was officially launched in August 2009. It was founded by Mareya Ibrahim, a food marketing veteran and food safety advocate with her father Dr. Shawki Ibrahim. The products feature a natural blend of plaint-based ingredients, together with a Citric Acid Salt, Sodium Citrate, Citric acid and an antioxidant that helps prolong self life (Calcium Ascorbate), Sea Salt (a natural preservative and anti-bacterial) and Vegetable Glycerin. In an FDA approved facility, supporting the local economy, all Eat Cleaner formulations are made in Southern California. 

You can contact them at: Grow Green Industries Inc. Eat Cleaner, 27 Spectrum Pointe, Suite 306 Lake Forest, CA 92630. You can call them by phone: (888) 284-2435 or you can email them at:

Eat Cleaner: Customer Feedback & Reviews

These are what customers say about this company:

"Glad I found this site! I really have been trying to eat clean, it's so hard sometimes! But during the few months that I accomplished it, wow, I felt so good! Want to get back theres."  Stacey Hoskinson Beaty, 11-3-2012

"No! Do not eat cleaner! Eat food. Clean with cleaner."   Jim Rue, 11-09-2012

"Great page on clean eating! New life ! :)"  Fitness Motivation

 "I recently picked up a box of the individually wrapped wipes from the eat cleaner website to use at the office. Even after waiting 90 seconds to let dry, it still left a slight but bitter after taste."   Tyler W.

The overall summary of the tone of feedback is 90 percent positive.

Eat Cleaner: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Eat Cleaner has been given a 3-star rating 3.0/5.0 by Webstatsdomain as well as it was given  3.0 star rating (3.0/5.0) by Webtarantula. As seen in too. Eat Cleaner awards are consist of:

  • Inc Magazine and Newpreneur of the Yeary Finalist (2009). 
  • Disney iParenting Award - Best New Product Call (2010)
  • Wbt Innovation Marketpplace Gold Prize Winner (2011)
  • Pregnancy Awareness Month
  • Members of Produce Margeting Association (PMA)
Eat Cleaner: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Pertaining to website popularity, according to:

  • This site ranked #1,424,705 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.
  • Each day on the average, visitors view 1.7 unique pages
  • There are 150 Sites Linking in
  • This site is visited more frequently by females age range 45-54 and are in college level.
  • Pageviews per user is 1.7 for 3 months
  • This site's has 70.7% Bounce (3 months)
  • High impact search queries for this site: eat cleaner (High impact), media contact (High impact), and fruits and vegetables (high impact)

Google Page Rank Checker

  • According to Google Page Rank checker, the page rank value of is 4 from 10 possible points (4/10).


  • This site is ranked 1,610,310 in the world
  • This site has good pagerank (4/10)
  • It's good for seo website with 205 backlinks
  • It has 9% seo score and 8 organic keywords
  • This site is safe according to Google Safebrowsing, Avg Antivirus and SiteAdvisor
  • This site is estimated worth of $1,213 USD.

  • This site SEO score is 79
  • This site has a daily revenue of $1, with monthly revenue of $7 and estimated price, $337
  • This site has an up traffic trends (the number of visitor is growing), it climbed 11,399 positions up from the last 3 months and about 1.2% increase.
Eat Cleaner: Social Media Presence

To describe the site's social media presence, they have pages on the following:

Facebook with 19,412 likes, 4,649 talking about them. This site on facebook where they tell you all the food that's fit to eat and with a mission to help make safer, cleaner, filter food on everyday way of life.

Pinterest with 830 Followers, 195 Following, 25 Boards, 916 Pins, and 92 LIkes. Their Boards consists of the following: Products I Love (31 pins), Meal Ideas (170 pins), Warm Soups for Cold ( 16 pins), Food Prep Tips (99 pins), Sweet Treats & Tastes (58 pins), Food for Thoughts (137 pins) and more.

You Tube with 37,862 Video Views, and 164 Subscribers. Date joined: June 10, 2009, Country is United States.  Some uploaded videos titled: Coconut Carrot and Avocado Soup With Fruit (82 views),

Twitter with 3,962 Followers, 1720 Following and 6129 Tweets.

Eat Cleaner: Website Security & Safety

Eat Cleaner is VeriSign Secured and verified by  According to WebstatsDomain for Google Safebrowsing the site is safe, under  AVG antivirus and SiteAdvisor, the site is safe too. According to Norton Safe Web the site is OK (safe). Norton Safeweb found no issues with this site: Computer Threats (0), Identity Threats (0), Annoyance Factor (0) and the site has a zero Total Threats. You can also check their website using this tool: .

Eat Cleaner: Pricing & Packages

Eat Cleaner top-level pricing include:

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Wash = $10.00
  • Fresh Seafood & Poultry Wash = $5.00
  • Eat Cleaner Sustainable Snack Gift Pack = $15.00
  • Eat Cleaner Fresh Fruit + Vegetable Wash Refill = $7.50
  • Eat Cleaner Kitchen Pack = $37.00

Click here to view more.

  • Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash, Combo Pack = $22.54
  • Citrus Magic, Fruit & Veggie Wash, 16 oz = $6.87

  • Fruit and Vegetable Wash 3-Pack = $14.75
  • Fruit and Vegetable Wash 16 fl oz = $5.59

Pertaining to fruit and vegetable wash their price are generally lower than other similar companies for the said product.

Eat Cleaner: Shipping Rates & Policies

The site's policy - when noted, all orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours. Upon order confirmation, your credit cards will be charge. They offer a full "satisfaction guaranteed" or your money back. They will refund your money, just send them the unused portion. Furthermore, you redeem voucher code at checkout. It is not valid towards shipping and taxes. Please note that it takes 2 business days to activate these codes. Before redemption please wait the 2 business days. If you buy two or more certificates call (888) 284-2435 with your coupon code, to order product and get free shipping.

Eat Cleaner: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods accepted by the company are credit cards such as MasterCards, Visa and PayPal. Eat Cleaner  is about enjoying safer, cleaner, filter food with safe, nutritious choices that nourish your body. A patented line of all natural wipes and wash. Eat cleaner is laboratory proven. No fillers, fads, flourescent food allowed-just the food, real dish, fitness and fun. To buy just click the product you have chosen, upon checkout, you an get discounts by entering your promode on the box.

Eat Cleaner: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Their products are available at select retailer and online. If you love Eat Cleaner and you don't see your local retailer, and you'd like to purchase their product just let them know. They guarantee that it will work. They stand by their 100% guarantee or your money back. They guarantee that Eat Cleaner is safe to use for all ages; they uses a proprietary blend of all-natural, plant and citrus based ingredients making it safe for everyone that help cleanse food better than water.

Eat Cleaner: Product images & screenshots
Eat Cleaner Coupons
Best Available Eat Cleaner Coupon:
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